Battle Wave 2323


Battle Wave 2323 empowers users to become owners in a DeFi-based social gaming economy, and earn real money. Win $ANRX through weekly battles and determine the fate of the AnRKey X Universe.

The difference between Battle Wave 2323 and other yield farming platforms is that you are not alone. For the first time in the cryptocurrency industry yield farming becomes Esports driven. With a team of users on your side, you will blow away all other yield farms. By pooling your team’s APY together you can win even more real money rewards — only achievable with Battle Wave 2323. Team strategy is the key to victory, so choose your teammates and game actions wisely, and learn more about how to win with your team HERE.

In this game, we encourage users to perform liquidity mining by pitting them against each other in competing teams, as they fight to generate the most liquidity and APY. Each team uses $ANRX for staking, and only one team will emerge with the crown.

At the end of each game of Battle Wave 2323, there will be one winning team, which had the most $ANRX distributed (total aggregated APY) to its users. To boost APY and fight to win the Battle, users can buy and win various boosts including Golden Chalice NFTs, Sacred Relic NFTs, Collectable NFTs, Arms, Armaments, Artillery, Oracle Shards and the inherent yield of the liquidity pools. Clearly, there are a lot of options for gameplay, providing users with endless ways to play, and to be rewarded by earning APY as well as $ANRX and high utility and valuable NFTs.

Battle Wave 2323 will prove that the AnRKey X DeFi gaming technology, unique and valuable NFT utilities, and tokenized social gaming ecosystem based around a real money economy, all powered by the $ANRX token, will lead the gaming industry into the Web3 future. AnRKey X makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world for the first time to monetize their time, effort, and skill to earn income and retain ownership.

Check out our whitepaper for a more complete overview of our DeFi Social Gaming Economy and technology.