NFT Collectibles

NFT Collectibles with High Utility

You can summon unique and rare game universe sub-characters (each with their own sub-story and relationships) to support your team's army and stake for APY (annual percentage yield) team boosts within our Battle Wave 2323 game for the ultimate rewards – build your deck of NFT cards and stake as many as you can to lead your team to victory!

Power and Rarity Levels = Yield Generation + Other Utilities

All collectible NFTs are based on our proprietary “Derived Base Value” DeFi and APY (annual yield percentage) economic models that produce true and accurate pricing and utility values, as well as DeFi based gaming NFT values (rarity and power levels) that are coded directly into the metadata and smart contracts converting traditional card games into TRUE value crossover in DeFi economics.

Pokemon-meets-Magic The Gathering NFT Card Games, merged with DeFi tokenomics

How to play with our NFT game cards

Playing with our NFTs can provide unparalleled amounts of additional yield for your team, as illustrated above. By playing up to 1 NFT per hour, you can stack APY like never before – but rewards are limited in each game, so coordinating your team to be the first to stake each hour is imperetive to victory.

Our NFTs also all feature unique utilities that give them power outside of the game as well, so you can get access to limited staking pools, entries in lotteries, airdrops, extra governance power, exclusive discounts, and more. See below for examples of the utilities in our first NFT release:


Be sure to check out our NFTs page to see all of our collectibles in one place!