Platform Rewards

In addition to a multitude of in-game rewards, AnRKey X provides opportunities for players to earn rewards that can be used across different m$ports games in our platform. Specifically, this includes Oracle Shards and Achievement non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Oracle Shards are distributed as rewards for playing the various mini-games in our m$ports games, including Battle Wave 2323. Players can trade these Oracle Shards in for NFTs – where, the more Shards you trade in, the more powerful NFT you can get, and the higher APY boost you can activate. Earn these Oracle Shards across our different games, and use them as rewards in your favorite ones.

Achievement NFTs can also be earned and used across various games. These tokens show your prowess in our games, and unlock exclusive rewards. For example, 50 winners of our Public Beta Testing will be randomly chosen to receive the highly rare and powerful Founder Achievement NFTs worth $539 each. These NFTs give winners exclusive access to beta test Battle Wave 2323 and much more. 1 of the 50 winners will also receive $1,337 worth of $ANRX airdropped.

Together, these platform rewards help unite the AnRKey X m$ports ecosystem, providing additional earnings opportunities to be used however players see fit - welcome to a whole new world of DeFi gaming.