Why are NFTs used in the AnRKey X platform?

Because of their ability to represent unique digital items and achievements, NFTs are the perfect token to represent rewards and accomplishments on our platform. Furthermore, we resolve the only main weakness of NFTs that other platforms still suffer from – we provide them with a defined value, helping to further gamify our protocol and enrich the AnRKey X ecosystem by facilitating our proprietary Automated Economic Logic Models.

Our derived base value innovation in our NFT economic logic models automatically create vibrant markets with “true derived base value” instantly upon minting/creation. This token model is optimized so that $ANRX is consistently supported by inflationary forces outweighing deflationary forces by a factor of two. This concept balances 6 components: packages purchased for NFTs, the base rate of the NFTs, the depreciation rate of the NFT yield, randomized upgrades, weekly winning NFTs, and limits on the number of NFTs held per user.

The Freemium Model for games (Minecraft, etc.) are the new standard, with in-game items being almost 100% of a companies revenue. Blockchain games which also use the 100% Freemium model are hinged upon a problematic and highly limited NFT tech and business model – Failure Upon Launch.

Our derived base value NFT models have intrinsic value instilled that mitigate the current limiting problems with NFTs models caused by manual price setting based on completely unknown, manufactured values.

But, what’s even more revolutionary and never before achieved is that this structure enables and stimulates scalability. By gamifying liquidity mining and creating True Derived Base Values within our NFTs utilizing our proprietary Automated Economic Logic Models, we offer an opportunity to finally overcome the scalability and true economic supply and demand issues limiting NFTs, allowing this industry to achieve mainstream use, and unleashing our special brand of anarchy (AnRKey X™) unto the world.

In essence, we truly have structured our NFT models to emulate the only current use case of blockchain technology that has actually scaled and reached mass adoption so far: trading crypto. Thus, we position them for maximum functionality and utilization.