Purpose of $ANRX

AnRKey X aims to empower the billions of gamers around the world for the first time to share in the value they create by incentivizing all participants to earn real money via $ANRX tokens. You can think of AnRKey X as a social network of decentralized gaming. Participants become owners in the AnRKey X social GameFi economy by playing, building teams and guilds, trading gaming NFTs, and monetizing their game play by accumulating $ANRX. Users can not only earn rewards, but actually grow the value of their rewards ($ANRX) over time through social cooperation to play together, compete, and win games.

The mission of AnRKey X is to create a GameFi ecosystem that is owned and governed by our growing community of users. This enables the most democratic and profitable conditions for all participants to retain and grow their earnings through gaming. By decentralizing gaming and using NFT gaming items, AnRKey X creates an engaging and financially rewarding ecosystem perfect for mainstream adoption.

The $ANRX Token

The $ANRX token (aka arcade coin) is the foundational economic unit of AnRKey X GameFi studio, incentivizing actions towards collective rewards and rights ownership. For the first time, users become stakeholders in a democratized gaming economy where they can participate and grow earnings through the production and utilization of NFT gaming assets.

$ANRX is a medium of exchange to trade those assets, creating utility value for the token, while simultaneously functioning as a proxy for their price valuation. At the same time $ANRX is used as a reward value driver for the production and utilization of tokenized goods and services. Tokenized ownership rights are acquired through $ANRX in a cooperative manner and equitably distributed among the ecosystem’s users.

In order to facilitate transparent and equitable rights to ownership within the AnRKey X Social GameFi Economy, the $ANRX token currently fulfills five unique utilities:

  • Medium of Exchange: $ANRX serves as the Web3 “arcade token” within our ecosystem, and is utilized by users for transactions (spending and earning)

  • DBV Driver: $ANRX is the proxy to instill a true and accurate monetary price and yield rewards value to the economy in real-time.

  • Governance: $ANRX tokens allow users to impact the governance of AnRKey X 

  • Staking: $ANRX can be staked to earn rewards, games as a service products, governance influence, thus decreasing the circulating supply of the token.

  • Incentivization: $ANRX incentivizes user participation via the pursuit of earnings and virtual asset ownership while motivating players and guilds, allowing monetization of their game play becoming stakeholders within the economy.

The combination of these purposes will ensure the stable functioning of the system and increase the value of $ANRX

To learn more about $ANRX, read our whitepaper.