Trade & Verify


We have enabled users to trade our $ANRX arcade coin on prominent decentralized exchanges (DEXes). $ANRX is listed for exchange on Uniswap & Pancake Swap at the following links:

Ethereum: • Uniswap (ETH)

Binance Smart Chain: • Pancake Swap

Matic/Polygon: • QuickSwap (Polygon L2)

On these platforms, users will be able to trade $ANRX in to receive other digital assets (and vice versa). This will be done through the standard exchange features of each platform. If you need more assistance with this process, check out our pages on obtaining $ANRX through these channels:


AnRKey X is committed to the success and best interest of its users. To demonstrate this commitment to players, we form trust through transparency, making the components of our platform publicly accessible. Users are able to verify the essential components underlying our platform on Etherscan:



Binance Smart Chain