DeFi Gaming Coalition


The DeFi Gaming Coalition is a community of innovative leaders, technological rebels, gaming enthusiasts, and DeFi experts. Our vision is to facilitate the gaming industry’s growth into the DeFi world with NFTs and other innovations unique to DeFi. In a way, we are creating a decentralized token-based economy for gaming enthusiasts where they can quench their thirst for a competitive environment while enjoying modern financial services.

The mission of the DeFi Gaming Coalition is to break the barriers of mass adoption and scalability of the DeFi technology through the gamification of the liquidity needs of a user. We firmly believe that the provision of liquidity mining, NFTs, and other unique DeFi services all under one roof will become the future of not only the gaming industry but also the financial world.

More information about this organization can be found at the DeFi Gaming Coalition website and on our Medium page dedicated to DGC updates.