48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket - Introduction

In addition to being distributed randomly amongst the winning army’s members each week, Golden Chalice NFTs are able to be bought and sold by players on the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket. This aftermarket is only open for 48 hours at the end of each weekly game (Saturday and Sunday) to upgrade, buy or sell our prize winning Golden Chalice NFTs. Read more about Golden Chalices below to learn how to use, upgrade, buy, and sell them on the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket.

From within the game, you can get to the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket between game periods by clicking on “AFTERMARKET” from within any game page:


This will bring you to the Aftermarket page, where you can scroll through and view all of the Golden Chalices:


If you do not have a particular Golden Chalice, you will have the option to “BUY” instead of “BOOST”. Click the “BUY” option to view the Golden Chalice prices, and either “CONFIRM” or “CANCEL” the purchase.

If you own the NFT, you can set whether or not you want to sell or keep a Golden Chalice. Click “KEEP” to take a Golden Chalice off the market. It will now say “NOT FOR SALE". If you change your mind, click “KEEPING” to deselect, and to make the Golden Chalice available again:


When you are ready to sell, click “SET PRICE” and input your selling price. If you haven’t set a price, you won’t be able to sell. This option will now open to you:


Then, click “SELL” to put your Golden Chalice on the market.