In-Game NFT Marketplace

The In-Game NFT Marketplace is one of the three marketplaces in Battle Wave 2323. Presently, the main purpose of the In-Game NFT Marketplace is to facilitate the purchase, staking, and burning of Sacred Relic NFTs.

Sacred Relic Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be staked along with your LP tokens for an additional 35% APY bonus in the yield of the liquidity pool you’re participating in. From within the In-Game NFT Marketplace, you can use $ANRX to buy packs of these non-upgradable Sacred Relics. In a traditional war game, this would be like buying a game chest containing a random mix of items that give you better battle stats.

The more Sacred Relics you receive, the more your yield can be boosted. But luck matters too – we randomize how many Sacred Relics you get in each pack, meaning the yield boost you obtain from each pack varies. There’s also only a specific number of Sacred Relics available at any given time, so whales don’t take over.

You can navigate to the In-Game NFT Marketplace by signing into Battle Wave 2323 and selecting “MY DASHBOARD”:


At the bottom of the page, you will view the marketplace. Here, you can click to buy Sacred Relic NFTs. As you can see, these NFTs can be purchased in different amounts at different price points of $ANRX. You can buy a smaller Sacred Relic pack with 1, 3 or 5 Sacred Relics, or a larger Super Sacred Relic pack with 3, 5, or 10 Sacred Relics:


You can also stake your Sacred Relics to activate their yield boosting abilities from within this marketplace. Click on the “Stake NFT” button, and select the Sacred Relics you would like to stake:

From here, click “STAKE COLLECTABLE” and a popup will appear for staking. Here, you can view which NFTs you have and opt to “STAKE” them, or “CANCEL”.

Once Sacred Relics are staked, this activates their yield boosting capabilities during one battle of Battle Wave 2323. Once these NFTs are used, they are burned, so the playing field is leveled out each week.