How to Use Oracle Shards

Oracle Shards are an exciting game mechanic that was created to build universal rewards across all games on the AnRKey X platform. You can think of them like winning game tickets at an arcade, where you earn as many as you can to be able to trade them in for awesome prizes.

Earning Oracle Shards: There are numerous ways to earn Oracle Shards, such as purchasing items in our games and playing the Battle Wave 2323 in-game mini games.

Purchases: With every purchase of in-game items, you will earn rewards that are saved up in your account across AnRKey X games; rewards will vary based on the price of the items you purchase, and for purchases with randomization built in (such as Sacred Relic NFTs) your rewards will be tied to the output of the purchase, not just the purchase price.

Mini Games: In Battle Wave 2323, we built in a super fun mini-game that will enable you to earn Oracle Shards while you wait for staking windows to open and between coordinated team activities. In this Shoot-Em-Up game, Oracle Shards are earned with every enemy you destroy, as well as by picking up the bonus Shard Clusters that various enemies drop.

Redeeming Oracle Shards: NFTs are an extremely important part of our gaming ecosystem, as is apparent in Battle Wave 2323 where NFTs can change the entire tide of the game and determine the ultimate winners. As such, we’ve built in functions to redeem Oracle Shards right inside of Battle Wave 2323, where you can redeem your Oracle Shards for powerful NFTs and stake them in-game.

This mid-range 75,000% APY Oracle Shard NFT will give you a 1-hour boost in Battle Wave 2323. Can you save up enough Oracle Shards for the 300,000% APY version?

These NFTs hold functional value in-game, and help to round out your deck of NFT game cards so you can get the maximum amount of APY boost possible – and by playing our mini game, you can earn them without needing to spend any money. NFTs range from 9,750 APY all the way up to to 300,000 APY, so start saving to get the best NFTs possible!

Beyond redeeming for NFTs, we will also be releasing other redeemable rewards for Oracle Shards as our library of games and tools increases. Follow our community channels and accounts to stay up to date on all of our news.