How to Use Golden Chalices

Golden Chalice NFTs (or, “Golden Chalices”) are randomly distributed to 9 lucky members on the winning team from each week.

If you obtain and stake a Golden Chalice NFT, it will apply a 100% APY Boost during the week which it is activated. For even higher rewards, you can also boost the Golden Chalice with a purchasable Armaments Boost for a whopping 50% additional APY – this is the highest boost available in Battle Wave 2323.

In order to prevent players from becoming whales and endlessly stacking these NFTs and their boosts, constantly dominating and winning the game, Golden Chalices become blacklisted from use after a week. This means that they can only be used for APY boosting in one game – the one directly after they are distributed. That way, anyone who battles hard has a fair shot at winning.

At present, there are 6 uses for golden chalices:

  • Use: Simply apply your Golden Chalices yield boost to your gameplay during the week in which it is active.

  • Upgrade & Use: Upgrade your Golden Chalice’s APY boost even further with Armaments – a 50% additional APY Boost – for the highest supercharged yield boost in Battle Wave 2323.

  • Sell: Sell your Golden Chalice to other users on the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket to earn $ANRX in return.

  • Upgrade & Sell: Upgrade your Golden Chalice with Armaments before selling it to be able to earn even more $ANRX on the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket.

  • Buy: Even if you didn't win a Golden Chalice, you can purchase one from the winning players in the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket.

  • Keep: Keep your Golden Chalice around for bragging rights instead of selling it off – you never know, it just might be reactivated later down the line in our game universe.