How to Upgrade a Golden Chalice

To further bump up the 100% APY boost of Golden Chalice NFTs, you are able to use Armaments. These Armaments will apply a 50% boost in addition to your active Golden Chalices, further increasing its APY boost. Armaments can be purchased on the 48-hour Flash Sale Aftermarket using $ANRX, and are only available to the owner of the Golden Chalice.

Once the game is over, you can get to the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket by clicking on Aftermarket from within any game page. This will bring you to the Aftermarket page, where you can scroll through and view all 9 of this week's Golden Chalices:


For each of these Golden Chalices that you own, you can click to “BOOST” it – which means purchasing an Armament to increase its APY boosting capabilities. When you click this boost, you will be able to view the % boost of the Golden Chalice, the derived base value of the Golden Chalice, and how much this value will increase with the addition of the Armament:


You can then click Confirm to apply this Armament 50% boost to your Golden Chalice, or Cancel to return to the Aftermarket.