Game Rewards Structure Examples

Each weekly game has 900,000 $ANRX rewards available to the winning team – below is an example of how these rewards can be earned, as won by an average player utilizing all of the in-game mechanics:


In the above example, users can expect to earn APY rewards of up to 350% on their LP token stake!

Staking powerful NFTs is the most important key to winning the game, but it’s important to note that the amount of NFTs that can be staked each week will vary based on a number of factors, including quantity of players in the game, total volume locked by all players in LP tokens, and the $ANRX token price.

In order to provide consistent rewards to winners, we take a snapshot of our $ANRX token price each Monday morning; this enables our system to determine the total volume of USD($) that can be staked for that week in LP tokens, NFTs, and in-game APY boosts, based on our 900,000 $ANRX weekly prize pool.


Teams of users compete for a weekly prize pool of hundreds of thousands of dollars ($) worth of $ANRX that can continually increase in value ($) just by YOU our #AnRKistArmy community, utilizing our $ANRX Arcade coin more and more!

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