Maximizing Your Rewards

In Battle Wave 2323, the winners include the top three teams that have generated the highest annual percentage yield (APY) from their $ANRX token staking. Therefore, to win, you need to maximize your rewards using all the available boosting methods and coordinating with your team to score the time-based APY rewards.

While your strategy is largely up to you, we have some general advice for putting yourself (and your team) in the best position by getting as many rewards as possible.

First of all, the more you play, the more likely you are to receive rewards and win big. The more you participate in in-game processes (including mini games), the more you will earn Oracle Shards and Artillery pieces, which can both be used to generate additional APY boosts. Artillery pieces can be combined with your teammates into a Combined Super Weapon boost of 30% distributed to your whole team, and Oracle Shards are redeemable for NFTs that can be staked for boosts, which depend on the NFT’s power level. Therefore, the more you play, the more you can amplify your and your team’s APY earnings.

Coordinating with your team is also important. Remember, your Artillery can only be used during the week that it is purchased so make sure your team is prepared to work together by coordinating efforts. Furthermore, if you find a successful strategy, you might want to let your teammates in on it to help your team come out on top so you can win. But, beware of infiltrators in the Team Chat from other armies…

Overall, an understanding of the game will help you figure out the best strategy – and experience will show you what works best for you.