How to Win with Your Team

One of the key features of Battle Wave 2323 is Esports gaming. Within your user dashboard, lives your team discord channel, where you can communicate, share content and strategize gameplay with all of your teammates. You also have access to infiltrate every competing team's discord channel, making it possible to spy, talk smack, and ignite healthy competition.

Within BW2323, not only do you have your own gamified liquidity mining APY stats, but you have your entire team's game stats displayed in real-time. Additionally, you can see the stats for each competing team and all of the team's players. All game stats are displayed and updated in real-time, providing players with detailed signals that allow for deeper team strategy.

The Power of Esports-based Liquidity Mining:

For the first time in the cryptocurrency industry, AnRKey X has made Esports the engine that drives yield farming. Traditionally yield farming is a solo undertaking, significantly benefiting those with a large amount of liquidity provision. The more tokens staked on standard yield farming platforms, the lower the APY, thus making it only beneficial for very large holders.

The difference between the Esports driven gamification of yield farming and other yield farming platforms is that you are not alone. By combining Esports within a gamified liquidity mining platform, you have a team of users on your side. Players are required to strategize collectively by coordinating gamified yield farming actions of individual team members which significantly increases the total APY rewards of all pool members aggregately. Entire teams benefit together in a fun and equitable arcade style atmosphere.

Here are some tips on how to win with your team:

Each weekly battle of Battle Wave 2323 will have one winning team, where victory goes to the team with the highest total aggregate APY earned through in-game boosts and NFT staking.

Coordination - In Battle Wave 2323, teamwork is key. Teams that successfully work together to coordinate in-game NFT purchases and collectable NFT staking have higher chances of winning each week.

Recruiting - Assembling a winning team is all about a powerful recruiting strategy. If your team can entice other users to join and bring overall higher TVL to the team using their LP tokens, and high value collectable NFTs, you can increase your odds of victory.

Artillery Combinations - The mid-week race to combine artillery requires effective coordination, and can provide a massive APY boost to win mid-week. This APY boost is just as powerful as having a Golden Chalice NFT! You can only use your Artillery during the week that it is purchased.

Remain Vigilant - Work with your team to make sure that all facets of the game are being covered so that you don’t miss an opportunity to win. Team members should delegate tasks such as playing the mini-game to farm high value NFTs, infiltrating enemy discord channels to assess their strategy, and monitoring the leader boards to track the margin between teams.

Golden Chalices & Aftermarket - Stake your NFTs strategically, as you can utilize them in moments of need. 

Battle Wave 2323 is all about working with your teammates to achieve the highest APY and destroy your enemies, so make sure that you choose the best team and build a strong team strategy!

Make sure to read through all the details of gameplay below, so you can put together the best strategy to smoke your competition.