How to Select & Join a Team

The use of LP tokens has been deprecated. For information on how to play Battle Wave 2323 V2, GO HERE.

To select a team, first navigate to the Battle Wave 2323 game and sign in. From the homepage, select “ENTER BATTLE”:


This will bring you to the TEAM page:


Here, you’ll be able to scroll through all of the teams on Battle Wave 2323. As you’d expect, pools are subject to change as market dynamics change. You can find our current list of teams HERE.

For each team (pool), you can see the team name, LP token pairing, total volume locked (TVL), and annual percentage yield (APY) at a glance. You can also view all pools’ TVL and the market cap from this window. You can access your team’s chat from here as well. Click on your desired team (we recommend first reading our info on how to obtain the required LP tokens, and how to strategically choose the best team). Then, hit “JOIN TEAM”.

Once you have joined your team, you’ll be redirected to “MY DASHBOARD”, where you can perform game functions like staking LP tokens and NFTs as well as buying boosts.