How to Earn Rewards

AnRKey X and Battle Wave 2323 give you numerous ways to earn rewards.

The three teams that generate the highest APY will earn the following rewards on their TVL (total volume locked):

  • 1st Place: 350% APY

  • 2nd Place: 100% APY

  • 3rd Place: 50% APY

To maximize your rewards, learn about every way to boost your team's APY below:

Golden Chalices:

Golden Chalices are the holy grail of Battle Wave 2323, providing you with a 100% bonus on your APY for one entire week’s battle. These NFTs are distributed randomly throughout the winning team each week, or you can purchase them from other users on the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket. This boost that is distributed to winning team at the end of the week is only active for the following weekly Battle.


Armaments provide an additional 50% APY boost, and can be applied to upgrade your Golden Chalices by improving their rarity and performance stats. Without owning a Golden Chalice, you can’t use this boost. Find Armaments for purchase on the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket.

Arms Boost:

These items offer 20% APY boosts and they are active for one weekly Battle. Any player can purchase and apply 1 Arms Boost per game.

Sacred Relics and Super Sacred Relic Packs:

These NFTs can be purchased in different packs at different price points of $ANRX. You can buy a smaller Sacred Relic pack with up to 5 Sacred Relic NFTs, or a larger Super Sacred Relic pack with up to 10 Sacred Relic NFTs. The particular number of Sacred Relic NFTs you get within each pack is randomized for whale protection. Each individual Sacred Relic will provide a 35% APY boost, so the total boost you get from a pack will vary based on how many NFTs you receive from within that pack. Sacred Relics and Super Sacred Relics can only be staked the week that they are purchased in-game.

Combined Super Weapons:

Artillery pieces are rewarded to players for various in-game actions, like purchasing Arms Boosts and Sacred Relics. On Wednesday morning of each week, a race begins between all teams to combine all of their earned Artillery pieces to build a Combined Super Weapon with your team – with a whopping 30% APY boost applied to the entire team. Team strategy is key here – you don’t want to waste your Artillery, so make sure to coordinate with your team, as Artillery can only be used during the week that it is purchased.

Staked Collectables:

Get an APY boost for staking your AnRKey X and PRISM-enabled NFT collectables. These NFTs will be able to be staked for a 1 hour period where they will incur an APY boost equal to their power level (e.g. a 300,000 power level will provide a 300,000% APY boost for one hour only – up to 120 playable per person per game). Players will only be able to stake one of these NFTs at a time, though you can also stake them while you have Sacred Relics and Golden Chalices staked. Furthermore, there will be a cap on the number of NFTs of this type that you can stake per each week’s Battle, as determined by our Market Regulators.

Because of the huge boost you can get from all our different type of NFTs, you will want to try to obtain as many as you can by playing as much, and as strategically, as possible. One important way to obtain NFTs to be staked for big APY boosts is to play our mini-games as much as you can, earning Oracle Shards. Then, trade these Oracle Shards in for NFTs – where, the more Shards you trade in, the more powerful NFT you can get, and the higher APY boost you can activate.

Oracle Shards:

Any action where you purchase items or play mini games to collect micro-rewards will result in you earning Oracle Shards. Oracle Shards are a cross-game currency that powers our “arcade” gaming and NFT ecosystem. You can think of it like the game tickets you win at an arcade which you can then trade in for prizes. Oracle Shards are pieces of The Oracle (the center of our AnRKey X game story universe), which when saved up and traded in (like in Battle Wave 2323) will provide you with powerful NFTs which can be used for staking, trading, unlocking exclusive rewards, and more.

Daily Login Streak Bonus

Every game day (Monday-Friday), those who log into Battle Wave 2323 will be prompted with a simple daily login bonus! Each login will offer a new set bonus prize, and those that log in five days in a row will win all five prizes for the week! But be careful, because if you skip a day you will need to start back at one! Will you maintain a hot streak and login to claim your Daily Login Streak Bonus every day?

Daily Lucky Bonus

For those Battle Wave 2323 gamers that are feeling lucky, you’ll be surprised what the new Daily Lucky Bonus has in store for you. Each and every day, gamers will have the ability to pick a bonus box to open. Every box contains great prizes, but some are more valuable than others! Will you be the lucky AnRKist to open the most valuable box?