How to Sell a Golden Chalice

You will be able to sell Golden Chalice NFTs to other players in exchange for $ANRX on the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket. AnRKey X provides an industry-first method of pricing your items, known as the Derived Base Value – this is the calculated value of NFTs based on factors like $ANRX price, quantity of game players, total volume locked, and other proprietary factors – we will give you this pricing info as a guideline for how to price your Golden Chalice for sale (you can also set your own price). You can even take these Golden Chalices out of our ecosystem and sell them elsewhere – but beware, values may differ outside of our ecosystem. Make sure to play it smart and get a good deal.

Once the game period ends, the 48-Hour Flash Sale Aftermarket page become accessible, where you can view yours and other lucky winners' Golden Chalices:


If you decide to sell your Golden Chalice, click on Set Price to determine the price you'll sellf or, and then click Sell to officially make it avialable for purchase.


Or if you prefer to keep, boost, and use your Golden Chalice, toggle the Keep button which takes it off the market so you can apply it in next week's game – don't forget, the Armaments-boosted Golden Chalice is Battle Wave 2323's highest available APY boost, so there's value whether you sell or use it!