Q: Where can I buy $ANRX?
A: Uniswap and Pancake swap


Q: Do you have $ANRX only staking?
A: $ANRX only staking in Battle Wave 2323 will be live this september!


Q: Can I bridge my BEP20 $ANRX to ERC20?
A: Yes, please use the bridge HERE. For instructions please see HERE


Q: Which browsers do you recommend to use?
A: Chrome or Firefox is best.

Q: Can current NFTs being staked to increase APY be sold?
A: Any AnRKey X NFT can be sold on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible!


Q:Do you have a converter to help understand how much in-game APY is earned by each NFT?
A: Please see the conversion chart below.


Q: Can I bridge my ERC20 $ANRX to Layer 2 Polygon?
A: Yeah you can, by using the in-game bridge, or using the Matic bridge HERE


Q: My transaction from BSC to ETH via the pToken bridge is taking a long time to send my tokens - why?
A: The network bridge experiences delays sometimes, and is related to Binance Smart Chain Node operation.

This issue was reported to the Binance team several months ago and there are countless reports of issues on github, but they haven’t released a solution yet and we are pressing them hard to resolve the issue! None of your tokens are ever “lost” they will come into the wallet you selected, however if the BSC Nodes are not functioning well, then there may be a long wait.

Q: Where is the roadmap?
A: Road map located here: https://anrkeyx.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403896942743-Roadmap


Q: Which time zone is Battle Wave 2323 based on?
Game start: Monday 12PM UTC
Combine Artillery for the Super Weapon Boost: Wednesday 12PM UTC
Game end: Friday 5PM UTC
Aftermarket for Golden Chalice NFT buy/sell: Active Friday 5PM UTC 


Q: If I lose all 5 lives playing Galaxy Shooter can I play more or that's it?

A: Currently there is no limit to playing the Galaxy Shooter game!


Q: Why can’t I stake the same NFT twice?
A: You can only stake 1 card per hour, and each card can only be staked once per week. When you own multiple cards, you can stake each of them once, with a max of up to 121 NFTs in a week.

Q: Do sacred relics have to be used the week/game they are purchased in or can they be carried over week after week?
A: Sacred Relic NFTs are muct used the same week of purchase.


Q: When Battle Wave 2323 ends each week, do we need to stake again to join again?

A: At the end of each weekly game, you will be presented with an option to either receive your LP tokens back, or re-stake for the next week's game. Un-staking will involve paying a gas fee, re-staking is free!
You can also withdraw early (and forfeit any potential rewards) by entering the Stake LP Tokens screen and clicking "Withdraw" (you will pay the early withdrawal fee of 1%)

Q: What if I accidentally close the window while playing, will I lose all the oracle shards I have won?A: Unfortunately if you close the window without exiting the game back to the dashboard it is likely that you will lose any Oracle Shards collected

Q: Will Oracle Shards  be lost every week or is it kept?
A: Your NFT collectables including Oracle Shard NFTs are yours forever and you can use them every week!


Q: Why are my $ANRX winnings reduced?
A: As more players join your team, APY is shared by more people and affects all player’s earnings. As new players join a team, more APY boost is required to maintain and increase rewards.

Q: Once a support ticket is raised, how long will it take to resolve?

A:  If you submitted a support ticket our tech team will do their best to resolve it, please only make one ticket as creating more tickets increases the delay.

Q: My transaction is approved on the blockchain but I don’t have a new notification.
A: Please be patient, there is sometimes a delay between blockchain success and the game interface - Never use Low gas as your transaction will always get stuck. Please always use Average to Fast gas always. 

Q: Where can I submit a ticket?
A: Please send a support ticket to - https://anrkeyx.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


Q: Are there limits to players in a team?
A: Teams are limited in the maximum amount of tokens that can be staked in to one team. That limit is based on the $ANRX token price every Monday which is locked to maintain game stability for that week. Each player is also limited on how much team TVL they can take, currency, $20,000 USD limit is imposed on all players.